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Jungle Travel Destinations

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Jungle Travel Destinations

Jungles are one of the least explored parts of the world. Rich in wildlife and unspoiled nature, jungles have many secrets that still need to be unraveled.

Cancun, Mexico

From Cancun in Mexico, you have access to the beautiful and culturally-rich rainforests of the Yucatan peninsula. Going from Cancun to Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find jungles filled with Mayan ruins including the great pyramid of Coba. This place is great for hiking, biking, scuba diving and just laying on the beaches. Cancun Hotel Deals


The jungle in Belize is so thick that many temples of the Maya are still being excavated. With animals like jaguars and howler monkeys, people with jungle curiosity will be provided unlimited enjoyment and breathtaking views. From Belize City, the jungles are easily accessible. Belize Hotel Deals