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Desert Travel Destinations

Deserts can be fascinating destinations for those who want to experience a unique environment not found anywhere else. The extremes of the desert consisting of the hot days, and cold nights, the dryness and in the summer and sudden flooding in the winter takes you back to the days of Laurence of Arabia.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the most fascinating desert countries in the world. A mix of the Bedouin culture, mixed with some of the highest technological infrastructure you can find anywhere. Dubai offers the only 7 star hotel in the world just minutes away from the arabian desert dunes. Dubai is truly a destination not to be missed out. Dubai Hotel Deals

Port Augusta, Australia

If you want to visit the australian outback, this is the place to start from. If you remember Mad Max III, then you can imagine what this place will look like. The patterned sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, the great barrier of the deep-red McDonnell Ranges and you will also find the beginning of the Tanami Desert. This is the land of the Aboriginal and a visit there will give you an insite into why they are who they are. Port Augusta Hotels

Death Velley , USA

With record temparatures recorded in death valley at 134F (57C), we can understand where the name comes from. Within Death Valley, you can find places such as Funeral Mountain, Devil's Cornfield, Furnace Creek and Dante's View. If you are looking for fossils, this is also the place to be as Death Valley is also known to be 'a living museum of fossils'. The closest major city to Death Valley National Park is Las Vegas (approx. 2 hours away) Las Vegas Hotel Deals