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Biblical Travel Destinations

Biblical Travel Destinations

Many times we forget that locations that we read about in the old and new testaments actually still do exist. From Jerusalem to the Cedars of Lebanon to the Red Sea. we can visit locations where important events happened and names of places that have been mentioned often in the Bible.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is considered to be one of the holyest lands for the 3 major religions of today; Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Continuous disputes that started thousands of years ago still continue on today in Jerusalem. The most fascination section of Jerusalem is the Old City which is shared by Christians, Muslims and Jews. Although each one having their own quarter, all the major holy sites can be found in proximity to one another. For a soul searching trip, Jerusalem should not be missed. Look out for travel restriction and warnings before you depart. Jerusalem Hotels

The Cedars, Lebanon

Lebanon is mentioned 71 times in the Bible. Why? Lebanon had one of the greatest early civilizations known as the Phoenicians. Being over 4,000 years old, Lebanon is home to the oldest city in the world, Byblos and has some of the most important archeological sites in the world. Click here for pictures of the Cedars of Lebanon. Click here to see the Biblical quotes mentioning Lebanon, and here for the Bible Symbolism of trees. The best part of visiting Lebanon is the size of the country. You can stay anywhere you wish and still be able to vist all the sites of Lebanon all within a short drive distance. Driving up from sea level to 2,000m (approx. 6,500 ft) altitude will not take you more than an hour. Look out for travel restriction and warnings before you depart. Lebanon Hotels