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Ancient Civilizations Travel Destinations

Ancient Civilizations Travel Destinations

Throughout history, man has been intreagued by civilizations that have preceeded him. Long gone, we try to decypher their cultures and their life wondering whether they really knew more about life than we do now. How is it possible that they were able to build monuments in those days without the technology that we have today. What did they know that we do not and why were those structures so imortant to them. For many of us, seeing the magnificance of the ancient cultures makes us wonder what people will say about our cullture five thousand years from now. Will they also wonder how we were able to do all of this with our limited technology, or will they wonder about our ignorance and 'ancient traditions' and why we would ever do a thing like that?

Cairo, Egypt

From the Pyramids of Giza to King Tut's Tomb, Egypt has many mysteries to descover. One of the most fascinating ancient civilizations, the Pharaohs of the Egyptian Dynasties lived and died in the grandest customs, and their tombs are still here to prove it. The Great Pyramid, was the tallest structure built for over 4,300 years with around two million stone blocks each weighing two tons. Cairo Hotels

Beijing, China

Chinese Dynasties although not as popular as other ancient civilizations are as impressive in their structures and are rich in culture. In Beijing one can find the Forbidden City of Ming and Qing Emperors, and have easy access to The Great Wall of China, Chengde, Xian, and Nanjing, the early Ming capital. Beijing Hotel Deals

Rome, Italy

Although Rome today has become a modern city more associated with the Christian religion, we cannot forget the ancient civilization of the Roman Empire that conquored Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Known for Developing democracy and for being one of the most 'civilized' cultures of their time, the Romans were extraudinary strategists and architects. If it were not for the lead piping that they fitted to create the first in-house plumming, the Romans might have still been the world leaders today. Rome Hotel Deals

Cancun, Mexico

Yes, Cancun is known for its great beaches, dive spots and nightlife, but Canun also gives you easy access to the ancient Maya Civilization. Tales of worriors, chiefs and gods fill the Yucatan peninsula. Most impressive is the great pyramid at Coba where you could lose a few pounds by climbing it. The view from the top will give you a sense of how insignificant our life is compared to the achievements of the Mayan people during their civilization. Cancun Hotel Deals